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04th Jun 2018

Kit manufacturer may have dropped a very subtle hint about new Rangers jersey

Very clever, if intended

Ben Kiely

The new Rangers kit is going to look… different

Since 2013, Rangers kits have been made by Puma. However, last month it was announced that they’d signed a three-year deal with Hummel.

The Danish kit makers will debut their first strip during Rangers’ preseason tour this summer. The club are expected to wear the jersey for their first Europa League qualifier on July 12.

The club have clearly tried to keep the new design under wraps, which has spawned a lot of supposedly leaked kits doing the rounds online. One of which features a sizeable Union Jack on the chest and is reportedly on sale in Turkey.


Hummel have started promoting the deal on social media. The Danes tweeted out a gif celebrating the announcement, but eagle-eyed followers believe there is a hidden meaning to the post.

Some folks noticed that if you pause the gif at the right time, the club crest and company logo turn orange. Add to this the fact that their Twitter profile’s settings have been altered to use orange text for hashtags instead of the classic blue, and you have the recipe for a tin-foil hat theory.

This theory backs up another leaked kit that gathered momentum online. Again, this one is supposedly available for purchase in Turkey.

The predominately orange kit features a blue and white trim. The crest, sponsor and Hummel logo are also white.  (image credit: Daily Record)


Rangers haven’t worn an orange strip since 2002. The Ibrox retail director stated the colour choice was a tribute to the large Dutch contingent of players who were on the club’s books at the time.