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14th Dec 2022

Eagle eyed fans spot suspicious detail regarding the World Cup final

Callum Boyle

World Cup final

What a coincidence…

France booked their place in the World Cup final on Wednesday night after a 2-0 win against Morocco.

Theo Hernandez and substitute Randal Kolo Muani both scored a goal in either half for the defending champions to set up a mouthwatering tie against Argentina, who reached the final after a comfortable 3-0 win against Croatia.

The tie means that two of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, against each other to be crowned champion of the world.

However Sunday’s final has a strange feel to it and one that seems to be rather coincidental and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans around the world.

“Qatar host the world cup and two of their main PSG stars reach the final. Mbappe vs Messi. What a coincidence,” wrote one fan.

Another tweeted: “Qatar buying the world cup and rigging it to have 2 of PSG players in the finals should not be allowed. Think it’s a coincidence they signed Messi and refused to let Mbappe go??”

A third person said: “The top 3 of the World Cup is Argentina, France & Morocco. Their stars are Messi, Mbappe and Hakimi who are all from PSG. Guess who owns PSG? Qatar. Coincidence?”

Another person added: “Is it a coincidence that the owner of PSG is Qatari and Messi and Mbappe are about to be in the WC Final in Qatar‚Ķ? Hmmmm lol”

As we all know, Messi and Mbapp√© both play for Paris Saint-Germain in France. PSG are owned by Qatari-backed group headed by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar. Where is the final being played? That’s right, Qatar.

It probably is just nothing more than it being pot luck that these two players would get to the final with their respective nations, but it hasn’t stopped others from raising suspicion.

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