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04th Aug 2015

Football Manager fan simulates 1,000 years of the Premier League

Tom Victor

When Busted claimed not much had changed in the year 3000, they could have at least warned us about Sheffield United’s sustained dominance of English football.

For that’s what happened when one Reddit user simulated a millennium’s worth of the beautiful game on Football Manager.

The fan, known only as ‘Lorf_Yimzo’, took an extended holiday on the game (maybe we should call it a hibernation) and reported back on 1,000 years’ worth of Premier Leagues, World Cups and more.

And it was the Yorkshire side that had the best record over the period, winning the top flight an impressive 168 times.

There were a few records that stood the test of time, however…

Notts County v Sheffield United - Johnstone's Paint Trophy

Arsenal fans’ great, great, great granddaughters will be pleased to know the Invincibles’ 49-game unbeaten streak lasted well into the 31st century.

Meanwhile the record for the most goals scored by one player in a single game stands at five – shared by Dimitar Berbatov, Jermain Defoe and more.

There were still a few head-scratchers, though. The highest ever attendance in a club game? 583,214.

Take a guess at the clubs involved. Real Madrid? Barcelona? Nope – Celtic v APOEL in the Europa League group stage, back in November 2987.

Read the full 1,000-year retrospective here.