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22nd Apr 2015

Fernando Torres: Gerrard taught me to think about myself

Fernando Ta-ra...

Nooruddean Choudry

Fernando Torres has revealed Steven Gerrard’s words of wisdom when the Spaniard was mulling over a move to Chelsea: ‘Peg it, la…’

We paraphrase of course (because we’re zany like that) but it seems Gerrard was surprisingly dispassionate and understanding in his advice to the departing Torres.

“Even when I was leaving Liverpool he told me ‘go, think about yourself. Do what’s best for you – you’ve nothing to prove’,” said the former world-class striker told the Sun.

Perhaps it was a moment of real humanity and compassion by the small-foreheaded Anfield legend, or maybe he foresaw the massive wane in the player’s form.

Either way, Torres would perhaps be best advised to refrain from talking to the Sun in future if he is seeking to patch things up with his former supporters.