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23rd Jan 2016

Dad faked this brilliant letter from Arsene Wenger to stop son supporting Liverpool


Ben Kenyon

Kids are so impressionable these days.

A Premier League side gets a charismatic new German boss or signs every big star money can buy, and their heads are turned.

It’s every dad’s worst nightmare – your son shuns the team you’ve supported man and boy in favour of glory.

But one dad took a stand and refused to see his lad desert his beloved Arsenal to follow their rivals.

Gunners fan Paul Gardiner drafted this brilliant letter from ‘Arsene Wenger’ and ‘Alexis Sanchez’ imploring the wee man not to give up them.

‘We hope we can win the league and FA Cup this year’ it reads, adding ‘Why would you want to support Liverpool – a club who haven’t won anything in many years?’

It’s even ‘signed’ by the Arsenal boss and their star man.

Expert level dad skills there Paul. Well played.