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24th Apr 2015

Can you spare £85,000? Then you can afford a MayPac ticket, my friend

Conor Heneghan

If you’re planning on going to the MayPac fight, we hope you’ve been saving up.

In what is hardly a huge surprise, tickets for the highly-anticipated clash between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao sold out in less than a minute after going on sale.

In what is perhaps even less of a surprise, a lot of those tickets were suddenly being made available via online resale sites, although you’d need as much cash as Money Mayweather himself to afford one.

Only 1,000 tickets were made available for the 16,500-capacity MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the fight on May 2, with the remaining seats set to be occupied by various media, sponsors and promoters.

Those tickets were gone in 60 seconds, but shortly afterwards appeared on sites such as Stubhub for as much as $128,000 (approximately £85,000).

We think we’ll settle for watching it on the box, thank you very much.