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29th Dec 2016

Arsene Wenger looks mildly terrified when confronted by the madness of Arsenal Fan TV

The look of terror on his face says it all

Nooruddean Choudry

When worlds collide.

Arsene Wenger’s loyalty to his beloved Arsenal has never been in question. He has devoted the best part of his professional career to the club, and helped remould them in his own image.

Prior to Wenger, Arsenal were a huge institution with a respected pedigree. But the mantra of ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’ was still prevalent and relevant. George Graham’s shadow loomed large.

But Arsene reinvented Arsenal – and helped revolutionise English football in the process. His methods, tactics and footballing ethos came as a breath of fresh air, and turned the club into a worldwide brand representing style and flair.

And then came Arsenal Fan TV. Love them or loathe them, the supporter media group are something of a modern phenomenon. They have changed the game as far as fan coverage is concerned.

Their outlandish characters and colourful discussions are widely anticipated, most eagerly when Arsenal lose and rival fans want to enjoy the subsequent meltdowns. Rarely are they left disappointed.

But what happens when worlds collide and Wenger meets the ranting rabble? Utter bafflement tinged with mild terror by the looks of things.

Arsene was accosted by some of Arsenal Fan TV’s ‘finest’ after Monday’s Boxing Day victory over WBA, and for the first time his wide eyes seemed to seriously question whether he was at the right club.

Someone shouting Rob Holding’s name at you for two minutes straight tends to do that…