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28th Aug 2015

Arsene Wenger hits back at Gary Neville’s Arsenal criticism


Arsene Wenger has effectively called out Gary Neville and former professional footballers working as pundits.

Sky Sports pundit Neville called the Arsenal manager “naive and arrogant” over his refusal to buy “players of power”, and claimed the club have still failed to adequately replace Patrick Vieira in central midfield.

Wenger, who brushed off Neville’s comments following Arsenal’s goalless draw with Liverpool, has hit back more forcefully.

The Gunners boss has claimed Francis Coquelin has the best defensive statistics in Europe, and “football specialists”, a pointed reference to Neville, should seek to educate viewers.


“I think we have had that debate for a long time now that Arsenal does not buy defensive players,” Wenger said.

“Since January we have conceded fewer goals than anybody else. The only thing I want is that when people have opinions, it is documented and worked out before, especially when it is football specialists.”

“I accept you can be right and I can be wrong, but what you do not want is just an opinion that comes out just because you feel like that.”

“People can say they don’t think Arsenal is good enough, I accept that, but it is dangerous to say that ‘he will never be a player’ especially when the comment has come from people in football.”

Your move, Gary.