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30th Mar 2015

Video: This guy’s efforts to launch the cheese 3D printing revolution failed badly

Cheesed off...

Ben Kenyon

All the greatest things in the world are made of cheese – the moon, Keith Lemon….cheese.

So when this guy came up with the idea of 3D printing using squeezy cheese, JOE thought ‘he’s onto an absolute winner here.’

Who wouldn’t want to print their mums off a cheesy card or a life-sized model of David Dickinson crafted in Camembert?

cheese animated GIF

Well, it turns out that cheese in a can isn’t actually that great to work with.

But you really do have to applaud the efforts of pioneer Andrew Maxwell-Parish and his genius, but so far useless, E-Z Cheese 3D Printer.

God loves a trier, and so do the team here at JOE.

Keep reaching for the moon, sir.

(H/T: Reddit)