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08th Nov 2023

Truth about whether ‘blue balls’ are dangerous as people attempt ‘no nut November’

Nina McLaughlin

It’s that time of year again where No Nut November sends blokes across the globe into a frenzy.

We have all heard of the dreaded ‘blue balls’, but whether or not the saying translates into reality is a question which many men are asking themselves this year.

Well, it turns out that the colour is not what you should really be concerned about, as if anything it will just be a hint of the colour that will affect the genitals. This is due to the blood circulation engorging your veins as it rushes down there.

However, aside from that, it turns out there is not much else to be concerned about, despite rumours that the condition may be dangerous.

The official term for ‘blue balls’ is epididymal hypertension, and blokes have reported the symptoms to include feeling heavy, achy and general discomfort in their genitals.

The increased blood flow to down there leads to an erection. The veins that take the blood away also restrict, meaning that the extra blood stays trapped there.

Following ejaculation, everything should return to normal.

However, for those taking part in No Nut November, without the release of this built-up pressure, the blood flow will lead to an uncomfortable inflation of your genitals.

Although it is undoubtedly uncomfortable, the pain from blue balls should only last as long as the erection itself.

There is obviously a pretty simple method to solve the issue, but for those taking part in No Nut November, different routes are available.

Medical News Today says, via LADbible, that taking a cold shower or lying down should help divert blood flow from your genitals. Alternatively, exercising to encourage regular blood flow around the body, exerting pressure elsewhere by lifting something heavy or applying a warm compress should help the condition.