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02nd Nov 2023

Men all over the world are abstaining from self-pleasure as No Nut November begins

Kieran Galpin

There’s now an online awards system

With Halloween out of the way, No Nut November (NNN) is now underway.

Much like Sober October, which thousands of Brits took part in, NNN, as the name suggests, is about abstaining.

But this time the demon is self-pleasure and watching pornography, rather than sinking a pint.

NNN has swelled in popularity in recent years becoming a global phenomenon, with some blokes believing taking some time off the job has a bunch of health benefits. There’s little, to no, evidence to suggest this.

NNN is said to have started around the early 2010s.

On Reddit, NNN, is quite a popular topic. The page had around 16,000 members in 2016 but now boasts more than 146,000.

And it has also led to a online rewards system being developed.

People who hold out for a week, won’t get anything, but from eight to 14 days, participants will earn a Bronze NoNutter award. Fifteen to 21 days earns silver, and gold, for 30 days. Completing NNN earns the Diamond NoNutter award.

Dr Rena Malik explained to LadBible last year that the benefits of not ejaculating could help boost fertility when you finally do have sex, but overall there wasn’t any reason, or benefit to doing it.

She said: “There’s a number of benefits to masturbation including better sleep, decreased heart rate, decreased stress and a lot of increase in feel good hormones.” “People can get a lot of pain and discomfort in their pelvic floor, or their testicles. “A lot of you guys have heard of ‘blue balls’.”

However, everyone’s favourite TikTok doctor – Dr Karan Rajan – has revealed some of the potential side effects – and a few of them might be deal-breakers.

He said: “Wet dreams or nocturnal emissions aren’t always about sexual arousal.

“Nocturnal emissions are a way for the body to clear out sperm.

“Your sperm has an expiration date so if you haven’t fired your gooey cannon in a while, your body gets rid of the old stuff while you sleep.”

However Dr Rajan believes that ‘NNN’ and semen retention, in general, does have unrivalled energy benefits.

Basically, it’s a bit like astrology for men.

Dr Rajan continued: “You’re a sperm recycling factory. Any sperm that reach their sell-by date and aren’t used up get broken down and reabsorbed by your body.

“This is especially important for men that have had vasectomies because they still produce sperm.

“If your body didn’t reabsorb sperm, your dingleberries would swell up.”

Given that ‘NNN’ is just an enormous talking point at the moment, it comes as no surprise that the video has amassed over five million views.

Though medical experts like Dr Rajan have warned potential ‘NNN’ participants, the cult-like world of semen retention isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Biased much?” asked one TikTok user.

Another said: “Lads look into the benefits it’s truly amazing.”

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