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22nd Jan 2016

PIC: Donald Trump retweeted a Nazi supporting account proving he really is a mindless fool


This could be the next President of the United States.

Potential candidates for the biggest job in the world usually try to ensure their PR campaign is a fine-tuned machine free of mistakes and loopholes, but that’s not the case with Donald Trump.

In recent months, Trump has offended Muslims and appeared to mock a disabled reporter and today, he’s been having a go at his rival for the Republican candidacy Jeb Bush in a manner that’s controversial to say the least.

He shared an image that appeared to depict Bush as a homeless man outside Trump Tower in New York appealing for votes.

If that wasn’t mindless enough, the image was shared tweet from an account with the handle @WhiteGenocideTM, an account with an avatar that references Adolf Hitler and has a header photo with the line ’Get the F**k Out of My Country’ in red lettering against a black background.


Understandably, people were a little p*ssed off.

Is this guy for real?