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10th Nov 2023

KFC has launched a brand new Christmas menu

Joseph Loftus

Christmas is definitely upon us

Sure, you might not have your lights up yet, it might not be snowing just yet, but it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Yesterday, Greggs announced that the Festive Bake had returned, and now KFC have revealed a brand new Christmas menu.

Available from Monday 13, fans of the colonel will be able to get their hands on the Stuffing Stacker Burger and the Stuffing Tower Burger.

The Stuffing Stacker burger consists of two crispy, golden Original recipe fillets, layered with all the trimmings. The burger also comes topped with delicious sage and onion stuffing, spicy cranberry sauce and cheese and burger dressing are also housed in the brioche bun.

On the flip side, the Stuffing Tower Burger contains all the same festive treats, but with a single fillet of KFC Original Recipe chicken, rather than two.

The two burgers are on the menu across the UK but you’ve only got until New Years Day to give them a go.

McDonalds have also launched their festive wins for November with a series of Christmas deals including discounts on products such as the Filet-o-Fish, McNuggets, and the McPlant so long as you’ve downloaded the McDonalds app.

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