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23rd Jul 2023

People can’t believe how much food you get at a Greggs Outlet

Jack Peat

A tenner goes a long way!

Shocked shoppers have been sharing their experiences after visiting a Greggs Outlet.

The high-street pastry chain opened the first Outlet shops in 2022, and there are now 28 in operation across the UK.

By the end of 2025, Greggs wants to have 50 of them open providing affordable food in areas of social deprivation as part of their commitment to cutting food waste and helping communities.

A Greggs Outlet is a shop where our unsold food is redistributed and sold at a lower price.

The majority of the products are less than half the price you’d usually pay in-store, and given they’re already pretty cheap, that’s saying something!

And it’s not out-of-date stuff. It’s simply items which were made the day before, but didn’t sell, so they are passed onto the regional stores.

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MEN reporter Emma Gill managed to pick up a ridiculous amount of food for less than a tenner on a recent visit.

Her shopping basket included Steak Bakes for 70p each, four sausage rolls for £1.70 and four jam donuts for a quid.

A box of filled doughnuts was £1.60 – and on offer to buy one, get one free – working out at just 20p each.

She even got a brew in a reusable Greggs cup for £2.40, which gives you your first drink free and then you get 20p off whenever you take it back for a refill. Or you can get 20p off with a different reusable cup.

The full list of items in her basket was:

2 x Steak Bakes £1.40
2 x Vegetable Bakes £1.40
4 x sausage rolls £1.70
4 x jam donuts £1
4 x filled donuts £1.60 (buy one box get one free)
Reusable Greggs cup with free latte £2.40
Total £9.50

A Greggs spokesperson said: “Our Outlet shops are another great way for Greggs to give back to local communities and reduce food waste. Everything sold in our Outlet shops is still fresh and delicious and offers fantastic value for money.

“The Outlet shops offer day old food products at a price reduction, helping families on tight budgets. A share of profits from these shops are also given to the Greggs Foundation who distribute to local community organisations, with approximately £417,000 donated in 2022.”

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