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04th Jan 2024

Influencer complains her ‘psycho’ toddler ruined their family holiday

Joseph Loftus

‘They’re all psychos’

An influencer has shared an emotional video to Instagram explaining that her toddler son turned her family holiday into a nightmare.

Steph Claire Smith, 29, who is currently away in Victoria with her husband took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday to ask other parents whether their toddlers were too going through a rough patch.

In one video, a clearly emotional Steph can be heard asking: “Is your toddler currently in a phase where they like one parent more than the other? Or they’re being nice to one parent and then mean to another? Because at the moment Josh is absolutely copping it.

“Harvey doesn’t want a bar of him over him and it’s quite horrible to watch, and it’s been exhausting this holiday.”

In another video, Steph confessed to feeling heartbroken by Harvey’s behaviour because she was “so excited to have beautiful family time” on holiday.

She said that she didn’t want to sound “ungrateful” by complaining but “at the same time, it’s been hard to deal with”.

Steph then explained her reason for posting the video was to be transparent with her followers.

She said: “I suppose I wanted to share it in case there was any other families that were going through the same thing, you know, holidays aren’t the same anymore.

“It doesn’t mean that they’re not special. They’re just not the same, they’re different to how they used to be.

“All toddlers are the same. They’re all psychos.”

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