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24th Apr 2023

Influencer furious after being ‘forced to hold five-month-old baby 12 hours’ on flight

Callum Boyle

She described the trip home as a ‘nightmare’

An influencer was left furious on her return home from the Maldives after being ‘forced’ to hold her five-month-old baby for 12 hours.

Billie Faiers – best known for appearing on ITV2 reality show, The Only Way is Essex – was on her way back from the luxurious island with her husband Greg Shepherd and their three children.

Speaking about the “nightmare” journey back on a podcast with her sister Sam, Faiers revealed that her request for a in-flight bassinet for her youngest child was rejected as there weren’t any available.

“I had a nightmare. We get on the plane and going out there we had the bassinet for Margot, which is what you get when you have a young baby,” she explained.

“Going out, it’s great because where the bassinets are you get the legroom as well, so you know with a baby you’ve got all the stuff and you’re always in and out of the baby bag.

“Anyway, we get on the flight and they’re like ‘really sorry the bassinets broke’. One bassinet on the whole flight.”

Billie then added: “I had to hold Margot in my arms for 12 hours – Greg and mum helped as well. I just thought ‘please don’t do this to me’.

She’s at the age now – she’s five months – she doesn’t want to be restricted in my arms for 12 hours, but we had no choice.”

Faiers had sympathy from her sister, who recalled a similar experience with her son Edward while on a flight home from Dubai.

She said: “Obviously it wasn’t as long but is like six or seven hours. Edward is 11 months and he’s heavy. Paul and I had to hold him the whole flight because the bassinet seat was taken.”

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