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25th May 2024

Freezing temperatures predicted for the UK in a matter of weeks

Charlie Herbert

The mercury could plunge

New weather maps have predicted that parts of the UK will be plunged into freezing temperatures next month.

Summer is officially underway in June, but it wouldn’t be British weather without a few surprises, as this April proved to us, when most of the country felt more like November than the middle of spring.

Well, there might be some more out-pf-the-ordinary conditions in store, with parts of northern England and Scotland will feel more like January in the first week of June, the Mirror reports.

Maps from WXCharts turn blue over these regions, predicting that a spell of frosty weather is on the way.

This will see areas such as Newcastle, Edinburgh and Aberdeen experience temperatures barely above freezing on June 5.

Weather expert and author Jim Dale said a cold snap in June would be “unusual” but that “nothing could be ruled in, or out”.

He told “We seem to locked into an everlasting gobstopper of wet weather at the moment. An actual ‘cold snap’ at this time of year would be out of the ordinary, but for Scotland especially it is looking on.

“But within the current chaotic climate environment nothing can really be ruled out, or in.”

For the bank holiday weekend, the weather looks like it will be decent for many, but there is still the risk of some ” slow moving heavy and thundery downpours,” according to BBC weather forecaster Ben Rich.

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