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16th Jun 2024

‘New Nostradamus’ predicts WW3 will start next week

Ryan Price

It’s a chilling prophecy from the self-proclaimed seer.

A self-styled ‘new Nostradamus’ by the name of Kushal Kumar has predicted that the next World War will break out in just a matter of days.

The exact date that Kumar put forward for it all to kick off is June 18, so just two days from now.

The mysterious predictor posts all of his musings on his X page, and a post made on June 13 forecasts ‘war raging on multiple fronts’.

If you’re wondering about the credibility of his track record, the Indian astrologer recently predicted the increase in tensions between Israel and Hamas, Russia and Nato, North and South Korea and China and Taiwan.

In an essay published on Medium, Kumar cited several occurrences of conflict that have happened across the globe in recent weeks to form his argument that a major international conflict is on the cards.

He wrote: “Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3 although 10 and 29 June may have a say as well.”

He then outlined his examples:

“(b). Readers may be interested to know the stories of 10 June in news that can be read to have a message, somewhere in tune, whatsoever, with the predictive alert. The following news stories have been reported in news media on 10 and 11 June which appear to have something to do with what this writer said about 10 June.

“(i). Terrorists reported to be from Pakistan, attacked a bus carrying pilgrims, late evening on 9 June, some 6 hours to 10 June, killing 9 pilgrims and injuring about 32, at Reasi in J&K. Terrorists are reported to have struck between 10 to 12 June at 2/3 other places in J&K also. These instances are being reported as fresh spike in terror after a long gap in the valley. Brave Indian security forces have neutralised some terrorists and are working well to do the same to the remaining, if any.

“(ii). According to news reports, about 20 North Korean soldiers crossed the Military Demarcation Line in the Demilitarised zone separating two Koreas on Sunday, 10 June and returned after warnings were broadcasted and shots were fired in the air by South Korean side.

“(iii). News reports have said that Israeli army struck inside Lebanon on Tuesday, 11 June 2024 killing, among others, a senior field Commander of Hezbollah. Analysts are reading into this happening a potentially intensified another war front for Israeli security forces.

“(iv). According to news reports, Russian flotilla of warships and frigates was found passing through on 11 June, about 30 miles off Florida coast in the United States enroute to Cuba for exercises. This is being read by some as a strategic happening while the United States are said to be not concerned but are to monitor developments. The flotilla and exercise is not viewed to be carrying a threat but at the same time, some monitoring or watch by the U.S. is reported in the news reports.

“(v). On the front of China in relation to neighbours like Taiwan and others, news reports of war-like increased postures and tensions continue to make appearance.”

He concluded by writing: “It may be observed here that predictive alert for better care and appropriate strategy involves careful and serious interpretation of planetary impacts while unintended human error or slip cannot be ruled out entirely. So, watch the developing war scenario in hotspots across the globe as days pass by.”

Kumar also claims he uses the Vedic astrology chart which is based on Hindu culture to figure out his estimations.

The Indian astrologist isn’t the only one to see a potential World War 3 in his crystal ball.

Even prime minister Rishi Sunak warned last month that the world is closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation ‘than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis’.

However, the head of the UK armed forces, admiral Sir Tony Radakin, insisted to Sky News last week that talk of nuclear armageddon is nothing but ‘loose language’ because Nato is far too strong.

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