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23rd Dec 2016

Brad Pitt is accusing Angelina Jolie of sharing too much information about their kids

His lawyer has filed new paperwork.

Laura Holland

Brad Pitt’s lawyer is accusing Angelina Jolie of over-sharing information about the couple’s children.

He submitted new paperwork earlier this week where he pointed out that Angelina placed “sensitive information” in the public domain. This included the names of the children’s therapists.

According to ABC News, Brad’s attourney Lance Spiegel made this statement in the new paperwork:

Angelina “apparently has no self-regulating mechanism to preclude sensitive information from being placed in the public record,

or she has other motives pursuant to which she seeks to disseminate information in this proceeding which will be immediately made public, where the children can access it,

or where people in the general public will have access to it for their own uses, and who will not use such information in the best interests of the children.”

Earlier this month Brad wanted documents to be sealed but his request was denied by a judge. He argued that it was for the protection of the children but Angelina said it was “a thinly-veiled attempt to shield himself, rather than the minor children, from public view.”