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22nd May 2024

Anne Robinson says she has ‘given away’ £50m fortune to avoid inheritance tax

Charlie Herbert

anne robinson

‘I don’t want the taxman to have it’

Anne Robinson has said she has “spread” her fortune around so that her family don’t have to pay inheritance tax after her death.

The former Weakest Link host said she had “given it all away” to her daughter and grandchildren because she doesn’t “want the taxman to have it.”

The 79-year-old is reported to have a fortune of around £50 million, thanks to a broadcasting career spanning more than five decades.The Independent reports that the former Countdown presenter owns properties in the Cotswolds, The Hamptons and on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Inheritance tax is charged at 40 per cent on an individual’s estate exceeding £325,000 in value, although there are some exemptions to this.

For example, the tax threshold is higher for homes that are passed on to direct descendants.

Speaking to Saga magazine, Robinson said she had already “spread” her fortune across her family.

She said: “I’ve given it all away. I don’t want the taxman to have it. I’ve distributed it widely, to the children. They might as well enjoy it now.”

Robinson has one child, her daughter Emma Wilson, now 43, who she welcomed with ex-husband Charles Wilson.

She has two grandchildren, Hudson and Parker, 14 and 13-years-old respectively.

Robinson said she has “genuinely no idea” whether or not she is worth £50million, adding that all she wants is “my good health and the family happiness.”

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