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13th Jun 2024

The definitive ranking of the top 10 beers from Euro 2024 nations

Harry Warner

It’s no surprise who wins this one.

With Euro 2024 almost here and a month of beer gardens and booze ahead of us, it’s about time we got down to the real important stuff, the ten best beers ranked from nations at Euro 2024.

In true Euros fashion, this top ten features some heavy hitters, unsuspecting underdogs as well as a few hoppy curve balls. Just try to forget that most of them are owned by Heineken or Carlsberg.

10. The Netherlands – Amstel

It’s a beer we all know, but not necessarily love. Like Cruyff ball, its influence is global, finding itself on tap in bars and pubs from Grimsby to Groningen. Named after the river Amstel the beer was created to give the Dutch people good beer to drink. The Dutch have produced some incredible footballing talent down the years, however, save for Euro 1988 have ultimately failed on the international stage. Amstel describe their beer as having ‘a bitter finish’, a poetic description for the Netherlands national team’s fortunes in major tournaments.

9. Portugal – Sagres

Let’s be honest you know this beer because you’ve been to Nando’s and it’s all they had. Unlike some of Portugal’s most famous exports that have seen great success on English shores such as Cristiano Ronaldo, this beer is more likely to be drunk as a special holiday beer when British tourists find themselves on the beach in the Algarve where this beer calls home. Sagres gets it name from the tiny Portuguese village of the same name where it makes up one end of the world’s longest estimated straight-line path over land, ending in Jinjiang in China, measuring 11,241 km. This beer gets extra points for backing its nation, sponsoring the Portuguese national team since 1993.

8. Switzerland – Feldschlösschen

In Switzerland the colour of this beer matches how this generation of players are often described by the Swiss press, golden. However, like most of their national team players, you’ve probably never heard of this beer. Yet in the land of mountains, chocolate and dodgy bankers, Feldschlösschen holds a monopoly. The go-to beer of every Swiss grandad, this beer is Granit Xhaka in malted barley form, doing everything well, but exceeding in none. Like the tenacious Swiss midfielder, it is a leader in its domain. La Nati have made it out the group at every Euros since 2016, knocking out France in spectacular fashion in 2021 to make the quarter-finals. Feldschlösschen literally means ‘small castle in the fields’, a nice metaphor for the Swiss national team in the company of giants.

7. Germany – Erdinger Weissbier

Just as the hosts get automatic qualification to the Euros finals, so does this German beer, however not without good reason. Like German wit, there is nothing funny about this beer. As efficient and well-made as the autobahn, Erdinger doesn’t take any prisoners and its popularity is proven by the very German fact that this beer has its own fan club. As with the German national team this pint is no doubt up there, however not as strong as in previous tournaments, it is yet to be seen if it can tussle with the best.   

6. Belgium – Leffe Blonde

A high-percent beer for a nation that has spent many years top of the FIFA rankings. Unlike in these rankings its hard to question its position, deservedly coming in sixth spot. In tandem with the Red Devils everything about this beer is a little different, from its chalice style pint glass to its large pint size wine-like bottles. This beer has its roots in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Leffe where brewing first began in 1240 so remember that when you get it as part of your Wetherspoons meal deal solely because it’s the most economically advantageous option.

5. Czechia – Staropramen

It’s no secret that the Czechs make good beer, and Staropramen is no exception. Like with their appearances at the Euros it is always a treat to see this beer on tap when walking into a pub. Like its nation of birth, this drink has seen plenty of change down the years, once pledging its allegiance to the communist regime it now excels in emptying the pockets of adventurous pub goers as it stumbles its way further upmarket. Pair it with one of Tomas Soucek’s famous potato salads for an authentic Czech dining experience. People forget that Czechia does have a Euros win in 1976 before its divorce with Slovakia in 1992, so maybe a return to communism might change this nations fortunes…

4. Spain – Cruzcampo

No it’s not the Spanish Carling, Madri, but a beer that embodies this Spain squad perfectly as a team with plenty of heritage, yet still young and upcoming. Founded in 1904, this pint only reached British shores on draught last year, but has quickly found its feet in a competitive market. Just like La Roja this beer could be a bit of a rogue shout and a definite underdog with its youthful talents like Lamine Yamal, who isn’t even old enough to buy a Cruzcampo at 16.

3. Italy – Peroni

A clean, crisp beer genuinely agreed on as one of the best on the market, very much like current European champions Italy. A giant of the game, this nation has two Euros wins to show for its pedigree as well as just the four world cups. It probably would be top of this list if it wasn’t for the hefty price tag which haunts this pint as well as its reputation as the preferred beer of most London bankers. Also we haven’t forgotten about the Euro 2020 final loss.

2. France – Desperados

For any hard-core pub quizzers out there this is one worth noting down. We live in a multicultural world these days so it might come as a surprise to some that the tequila infused beer, Desperados, is in fact a French creation. Similar to the cultural melting pot that is the French national team, Desperados shows what can be achieved when nations come together, having two world cups and two Euros to show for it. A Mexican inspired beverage this beer is the alcoholic embodiment of André-Pierre Gignac remembered for lighting up Euro 2016 and his years spent playing in the Mexican league.

And finally…

1. UK – Doom Bar

In true ‘It’s coming home’ blind English optimism, Doom Bar tops this list. Let’s be honest it could have been any English beer and it’s number one because it’s that time of the year when it’s acceptable to get out the English flags and sing the national anthem without the strange looks. This amber ale brewed in Cornwall might not be everyone’s favourite tipple, however it is the only ale on this list and it doesn’t get more English than that. Somewhat like this current England squad it’s a beer on the up. Named after a large sandbar on the Cornish coast, the name of this beer is fitting for an England side that often makes fans feel the doom.

So there you have it folks, but do you agree?

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