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10th Apr 2024

Aldi calls out M&S for accidentally using Aldi products in advert for garden furniture


‘Marks and Spencer drink Aldi wine pass it on.’

M&S have found themselves in a somewhat embarrassing situation after their arch rivals Aldi spotted they had a bottle of their wine in a photo for their garden furniture.

The two supermarkets have long been nemeses, after M&S sued Aldi for their copycat products.

However, it seems that Aldi are getting the last laugh after they noticed a rather embarrassing detail in a photo on M&S’ website.

They spied a bottle of Specially Selected Côtes De Provence Blanc plonked in the centre of a £699 furniture set sold by the brand.

The bottle was placed alongside some wine glasses and nibbles, but still Aldi spotted the incriminating evidence.

M&S saw fun and games in being caught out.

They issued a statement in response to being called out by Aldi: “Sometimes you regret asking guests to BYOB – this one is fine for a prop but if you’d prefer to enjoy a top-quality bottle of award-winning rosé with your new garden furniture, we’d recommend our gorgeously fruity and aromatic Collection Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire rosé – an absolute must for lovers of pink drinks in the sunshine!”

Aldi and M&S first entered their bitter feud when M&S opened a lawsuit against the German budget supermarket for copying their items.

This included Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake, which is eerily similar to M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar.

The case was settled in 2022 in an out-of-court agreement, with Aldi agreeing to alter their cake’s appearance.

In 2023, another case about M&S’ festive gin bottles which featured gold flakes and an LED light saw Aldi loose, with the High County court ruling that they had infringed on M&S’s copyright.

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