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28th Apr 2015

Video: Old school footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger training that epic chest

Pretty fly...

Arnold Schwarzenegger once had a chest that most silverback gorillas would be envious of.

The seven-time Mr Olympia was renowned worldwide for his enormous pecs.

Along with his biceps, his back, his shoulders…you get the picture.

But this old school footage of Arnie training his chest is pretty cool, and might offer a few pointers on how the Austrian Oak squeezed the most out of those dumbbell flyes.

Look how he raises his feet off the floor to isolate his chest more.

Also observe the impressive range of movement on the flye – look how deep he goes to really stretch those pecs and make them grow.

Thanks Arnie. Here endeth the lesson.

H/T Muscle Pharm/Arnold Schwarzenegger Series