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25th Mar 2015

Video: Rory McIlroy shows off his surprisingly hardcore gym training

With guns like that he'll give Happy Gilmore a run for his money...

Ben Kenyon

Golf just got hench.

Champion golfer Rory McIlroy showed what he’s packing in the gym – and it’s pretty impressive.

The Northern Irish player might be new to the weights room – but his programme looks pretty hardcore.

It’s no wonder he cleaned up at the Open, The PGA Championship and helped Europe to Ryder Cup success last year.

The 25-year-old has been hitting the deadlifts and building his chest up with press-ups and one of Arnie’s favourite moves – the dumbbell pullover.

The video shows McIlroy getting explosive with some plyometric box jumps and working on his core stability with some Swiss ball balances and medicine ball passes.

And you thought golfing was all just old men and long walks…