Schoolboy squats a whopping 376kg, breaks powerlifting record in the process 3 years ago

Schoolboy squats a whopping 376kg, breaks powerlifting record in the process

Most people don't reach their strength potential until they're in their late 20s or early 30s

But try telling that to one American schoolboy in particular. Dajour Jupiter is still in high school, but that hasn't stopped him absolutely smashing a state powerlifting record out of the park.


He managed to successfully squat a crazy 830 pounds - or 376 kilograms in metric measurements. Either way, it is an extremely impressive lift that the majority of gym goers won't manage in their entire lifetime - let alone when they're still in school.


When most of his classmates are stressing over exams and homework, this guy is putting his name in the headlines. Going on Jupiter's facial expression alone, it seems that he still had some room left in the tank too.

If he's capable of such a feat before the age of 18, we could be looking at world records in the future.

Supersize your own squat

JOE recently spoke to two-time British powerlifting champion Hendrick Famutimi, who shared his advice for maximising the amount you can squat.


He said:

  1. "Mobilise and rollout your hips, shoulders, ankles and feet before squatting.
  2. Strengthen your core and learn how to brace as a weak core can affect your squat numbers and mechanics.
  3. Grip the floor with your feet (creating a tripod effect), brace, drive your hips back and soften your knees while keeping your chest up for the squat. Visualise and practice this in your head and you'll get a better understanding of what each body part needs to do."

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