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02nd May 2024

Cher says she prefers younger men as guys her age ‘are all dead’

Ryan Price

The 77-year-old is currently all loved up with 38-year-old record executive Alexander Edwards.

Cher has joked that the reason why she typically prefers to date younger men is because most of the men her age have passed on.

The Believe singer has had a long dating history which includes Warren Beaty, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, and is now in a long-term relationship with the music executive who is 40 years her younger.

In an interview on the US TV show, The Jennifer Hudson Show, last week, the pop icon joked that the “reason I got with young men is because men my age or older – well, now they’re all dead.”

She expanded on her preference by stating that “her rationale for dating younger men is that the older ones were all intimidated by her personality”, and that she would rather date men from later generations, who ‘were raised by women like me’ and as a result were never scared of her.

The singer and actress has a longtime reputation for dating much younger men, such as Rob Camilletti, whom she took up with in 1986 when she was 40 and he was 22. 

Camiletti, who became known as the ‘Bagel Boy’ because he worked in a bagel shop, was Cher’s Oscar date when she won best actress for Moonstruck in 1988. 

The 77-year-old previously defended her attraction to younger men in a since-deleted tweet from November 2022, which read: “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES ❤️ .”

She added that her family members had met Edwards and said that he treats her like a “queen.”

She also previously stated on The Kelly Clarkson Show that “younger men don’t care if you’re, you know, funny or outrageous and wanna do stupid things and, you know, and you have a strong personality, you know? I mean I’m not giving up my personality for anybody, okay?”.

Cher also opened up in her The Jennifer Hudson Show interview about how Edwards reignited her appreciation of Tupac, how she once turned down Elvis Presley and claimed she was the first artist to have a hit song using auto-tune.

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