Eddie Hall: former World's Strongest Man explains how he lost 9kg in 17 days 2 years ago

Eddie Hall: former World's Strongest Man explains how he lost 9kg in 17 days

In a sport renowned for promoting sheer size, it's rare to see a strongman getting shredded

But that's what Eddie Hall has recently achieved, with the 2017 World's Strongest Man losing over 30 kilograms over the past six months.


He has accelerated these weight loss efforts even further in recent weeks, managing to strip an incredible 9 kilograms of weight - 1.4 stone - in just 17 days.

Just a couple of months ago, Hall began documenting his weight loss progress via social media.

He said that his plan of action for training was to include:

  • Cardio in the form of HIIT: using boxing, cycling, swimming and general circuit training
  • Weight training four times a week


Eddie Hall's training and diet


This is certainly how things panned out.

Posting on his YouTube channel, Hall described how he has been weight training for two hours each day, and also including cardio for the same length of time on a daily basis.

Lifting weights will have helped to preserve Hall's muscle mass, which he's worked so hard to build up over the years.

Cardio isn't just for keeping your heart healthy and endurance levels high, although these are huge benefits. Cardio is an effective way of burning more calories, and getting into a calorie deficit is where the bulk of weight will be lost.


In terms of diet, Eddie Hall has upped the amount of protein in his diet. Again, this maintains muscle mass and protein is also the most thermogenic food - meaning it burns more calories being digested than carbs or fat.

Hall has also been taking a protein powder called Oblivion, which is said to contain zero carbs or sugars.

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