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15th Jun 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is absolutely stacked – but says he still can’t out-lift his dad

Jack Peat

‘He’ll always be the strongest in the family’

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son says he still can’t out-lift his dad, despite being fifty years his junior.

Joseph Baena has followed in his father’s footsteps by taking up a career in acting and bodybuilding.

But he’s under no illusions about the fact that he has very big boots to fill!

Speaking in a recent interview with extratv at the Los Angeles premiere of Fubar, Baena opened up about his relationship with his dad.

He said the best piece of advice Arnie has given him is to treat his career like a gym session, and “do the reps”.

“It really makes sense because it’s all about practice, practice, practice”, he added.

The Bully High star went on: “The more that you practice, the more that you prepare for these roles, the better you’re going to be and, and I’ve taken that to heart and I’ve taken that into every role that I’ve been doing.”

Later in the interview, Baena disclosed his Terminator dad was also the ‘best training partner’.

“I’m starting to starting to lift a little,” he said, “I’m starting to catch up with the weights but, you know, he pushes me so much in the gym and and we love training together.”

When asked who was ‘stronger’ out of the pair, Baena responded: “Right now, I don’t want to say but he’ll always be the strongest in the family.”

Schwarzenegger recently opened up about his thoughts on the afterlife in a sit-down with Interview Magazine, and he was pretty matter-of-fact about it.

Forget about the pearly gates or being reunited with dead friends and family, according to the 75-year-old, what awaits is, is, “nothing” and anyone who says different is a “f****** liar”.

So there you go!

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