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30th Apr 2015

Russian world champion weightlifter Dmitry Klokov muscles in on bodybuilding show

That's quite a physique...

Ben Kenyon

If you follow strength sports like CrossFit or weightlifting you will know the name Dmitry Klokov.

The Russian Olympic silver medallist is an absolute beast.

But when he’s not throwing a 200kg barbell above his head, it seems Klokov is putting his impressive physique to good use elsewhere.

JOE was quite surprised when he appeared at a bodybuilding show in Russia tanned up and pulling poses.

Our Russian is a bit rusty, but it looks like he more than held his own at the Yashankin Cup bodybuilding competition in his homeland (where a lot of the entrants also seemed to have superpowers like hand-chopping wooden blocks…or being an Olympic weightlifter.)

We don’t even know if he did any old school bodybuilding training. He may never have done a single bicep curl, but whatever he does with a barbell seems to keep him pretty ripped.

We liked the look of this…

You can check out his posing routine on the video he filmed…