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10th Apr 2015

NASA astronauts do zero gravity gym workout in space

No gym? No excuse...

Ben Kenyon

Ever wondered what it would be like to workout in space?

No neither have we, but we were amazed to see American astronauts hitting the gym on the International Space Station.

NASA says its astronauts have to exercise regularly in orbit to maintain muscle, bone, and cardiovascular heath and fitness in order to stay strong and fit.

nasa 1

We imagine there’s nothing worse than going on a spacewalk to perform repairs and finding yourself blowing out your a*se.


So the spacemen and women are put through their paces to test their cardiovascular fitness.

The V02 max test sees the astronauts pedaling away on exercise bikes to see how  their fitness changes before, during and after the mission.


Researchers found interval training –  exercise using high intensity and low intensity periods – could be effective at maintaining a good V02 max in space as it is back home on Earth

Remember that next time you’re lost in space and fancy a workout.

(Image credit: NASA)