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08th May 2024

Real life Martha from Baby Reindeer to make TV appearance tomorrow

Ryan Price

Image: Netflix

She will appear on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored talk show.

The woman behind the infamous Martha character from the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer will make her first public appearance tomorrow.

Scottish lawyer Fiona Harvey will sit down with Piers Morgan on his Uncensored talk show where she plans to “set the record straight”.

Morgan made the announcement on X this afternoon, detailing that the interview will be broadcast at 8pm on Thursday on the Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube channel.

Jessica Gunning played the intense ‘stalker’ Martha in the show written and created by Richard Gadd, and fans were quickly able to find the real-life woman just hours after the show premiered on Netflix.

Gadd plays a version of himself in the show and detailed his real-life experience of being stalked and sexually assaulted for four years by a customer of the pub where he worked.

Since the show’s release last month, Harvey – the alleged woman behind the character of Martha – has rubbished much of Gadd’s side of the story and discredited a lot of the events that are depicted in the show.

Fans of the show had mixed reactions to the news of the ‘real-life Martha’s’ scheduled interview with Piers Morgan tomorrow.

One X user wrote: “I dunno. The real Martha from baby reindeer going on piers Morgan seems a terrible idea.”

Another was excited to hear from the woman behind the incredible story: “@piersmorgan interviewing the real Martha from Baby reindeer is going to actually be wild. Can’t wait for that.”

The show has been submerged in controversy since it’s release on the 11th April.

Speculation has been relentless regarding the true identity of the character of Darrien, a successful TV writer who appears in the fourth episode of the series and proceeds to groom Gadd over a series of meetings before sexually assaulting him on several occasions.

This was followed by reports from Deadline which claimed that Gadd himself was questioned by producers on the show after he allegedly dated a transgender actress who auditioned for a role.

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