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03rd Aug 2023

Twenty man brawl breaks out between security teams of Jake Paul and Nate Diaz

Tom Todhunter

You can’t take Nate Diaz anywhere

Things descended into chaos at the long awaited face off between influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul and UFC legend Nate Diaz.

The pair are set to fight this weekend in what should be one of the biggest fights of the year, but it appears their security personnel couldn’t wait that long to see some fists flying.

After Paul and Diaz shared a fairly low-key face off, everything seemed to be calm. Things quickly took a turn for the worse, though, as Diaz began talking to Paul’s business partner Nikisa Bidarian.

It appeared like Diaz asked Bidarian if he wanted to fight, with Bidarian visibly gesturing to say he didn’t want the smoke, but Nate wasn’t taking no for an answer. He squared up to Bidarian and kept talking, which prompted security to begin flooding onto the scene.

What happened next isn’t entirely clear from the footage, but something caught the eye of a member of Paul’s security team, who quickly charged into the crowd and began throwing giant punches.

Paul and Diaz will settle the feud on August 5th.