This is why Jurgen Klopp refused to speak to The Sun 3 years ago

This is why Jurgen Klopp refused to speak to The Sun

Jurgen Klopp is already a hero to Liverpool fans, but he went up a level on Saturday when he shot down a reporter from the Sun, telling him "I don't talk with The Sun anymore."

The exchange happened after Liverpool's impressive 4-0 thrashing of Barcelona, and just cemented his status among the Reds faithful.

After the reporter asked him a question he said:

"I don't talk with The Sun anymore. It's not because I'm Liverpool now, it's because of a few things which will happen in the next few days or weeks, I don't know. It's not personal but you're still working for The Sun, right? So... That's it. You can listen and write what you want, as always."

At the time it wasn't clear quite exactly what he was referring to and many fans were delighted with his response, given their animosity with the newspaper after accusations it printed in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster.

But fans on Sunday were suggesting Klopp's stance could be because of a story that ran in today's Sun on Sunday, about Reds defender Dejan Lovren and his wife.

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His stance certainly went down well with the supporters.