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03rd Oct 2015

Jonny Wilkinson’s new rugby skills video is absolutely mind-blowing

We hope it's not fake!

Alan Loughnane

Jonny Wilkinson is a magician…

We’ve all seen the NFL skill videos that are doctored to make the players look superhuman and even though we know they’re fake we still love them anyway.

Former England and Toulon star Jonny Wilkinson has made a video showing off some pretty amazing rugby skills and we have a suspicion that something might be amiss.

The opening series of kicks are amazing and the kick and catch attempt is really cool.

The skills on show are breath-taking and if they are in fact real and not the result of trick photography, Wilkinson should seriously consider coming out of retirement for the good of the sport.

We have our doubts but it doesn’t detract from the entertainment value of the video itself…

Clip via Fineside.