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03rd Sep 2017

JOE’s International Break Football Badge Quiz

20 badges, can you correctly identify each one?

Simon Lloyd

Ah, the first international break of the new football season. Truly a joyous time for us all

As if the mouth-watering prospect of Azerbaijan vs San Marino isn’t exciting enough for football supporters, we here at JOE have thrown together a special international football-themed quiz to help you celebrate this very special time of year.

We’ve taken 20 badges belonging to different national sides and, using highly-sophisticated photoshop skills (the paint brush and the eraser bit), have rid them of any letters and numbers.

All you have to do is identify which national side each badge belongs to from the three choices we’ve given you.

As is always the way, some of these are insultingly easy –¬†like the first one, which is blatantly Germany.¬†Others, however, are slightly trickier.

Best of luck, friends.