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06th Nov 2015

Javier Zanetti’s dream five-a-side team is a perfect mix of filth and skill

Finally someone picks themselves

Kevin McGillicuddy

The more South Americans the better, we say.

When you are talking about one of the best players ever to grace Serie A, as well as one of the finest defenders Argentina ever produced, we’re not going to argue.

Javier Zanetti is an absolute football god, in one half of Milan at least, and the tough defender has gone for several former teammates as well as one legendary Brazilian in his dream five-a-side outfit.


We’re also glad to see that Zanetti rates himself highly enough to compete at the same level as Diego Simeone, Gabriel Milito, Lionel Messi and the Brazilian Ronaldo.

The man known famously as ‘El Tractor’ explains his decisions on the UEFA website 

“Ronaldo, because he has incredible technique and great power.”

“[Lionel] Messi, because he can come up with a great play any time; [Diego] Milito, because when he’s in the area he never fails; [Diego] Simeone, for his personality; and myself, to be with all of them.”

javir zanetti