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04th Nov 2016

Jamie Carragher utterly destroyed Gary Neville on Twitter during the Fenerbahçe match

Poor G-Nev's been absolutely rinsed here.

Mike Wright

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville’s on-screen Monday Night Football rivalry is often the most entertaining fixture of the week.

The former pros cannot help taking endless pot shots and trying to one-up each other while in the studio.

And thankfully the digs don’t end when the cameras are off with the war of words often spilling over into Twitter.

Last night was no exception.

Things started when Neville left himself wide open after tweeting his support for United ahead of the Fenerbahçe Europa League tie.

But when Moussa Sow smashed in an unbelievable overhead stunner to put the Turkish side up 1-0 after 2 minutes, well Carragher just couldn’t help himself.

Hard to argue with Carra there.