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26th Aug 2015

Furious Arsenal fan trolled by Man United supporter on eBay (Picture)

Cruel, but funny...


It’s safe to say that one Manchester United supporter won’t be getting an A+ rating on eBay for his latest sale…

Sam (@Mesutical) lodged a winning bid on the exchange website for a DVD review of Arsenal’s 2009/10 season, and looked forward to reliving the Gooners’ third place finish in the league.

How he must have counted down the days until he could enjoy the likes of Andrei Arshavin, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Alex Song starring once again in that moderately successful year in Arsenal’s history.

To say he was disappointed when he excitedly opened his delivery is something of an understatement. Upon opening the pristine DVD cover, this is what he found inside…