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02nd Dec 2022

YouTuber opens up on his experience with gambling as part of TalkBanStop campaign

Callum Boyle

Brought to you by TalkBanStop

‘With a World Cup like this where there’s four games a day, gambling is always in your face and it’s everywhere’

With the group stages of the World Cup drawing to a close very soon, England are preparing for the knockout stages when they take on Senegal on Sunday (4 December).

As part of the preparations, many players and fans will undertake pre-match rituals ahead of the game. Whilst England’s progression into the next stage is exciting for most, there can be an increased temptation to bet, which can prove challenging for some fans who have previously experienced gambling issues.

That’s why YouTuber and presenter Ellis Platten is working alongside former Arsenal legend Paul Merson and Liverpool defender Gilly Flaherty to lead a campaign to make fans aware of TalkBanStop – a partnership between GamCare, Gamban and GAMSTOP – that helps people stop gambling online.

Platten, who has amassed over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, has opened up on his experiences with gambling and how the effect of having multiple games in one day can make it difficult to those who are trying to resist the urge to bet.

“With a World Cup like this where there’s four games a day, gambling is always in your face and it’s everywhere.

“Financial pressures could drive football fans to bet this World Cup. In times like this, people can feel as if they want to gamble more.

“I feel like a lot of people who get the urge can resist it for one game but they can’t resist it for the next three after it. Every billboard, there’s something to do with the World Cup. That’s why the World Cup is the perfect time to get involved in the TalkBanStop partnership.

By speaking to an advisor on GamCare’s Helpline, getting a code for a free Gamban licence and signing up for GAMSTOP, people can put the barriers in place to ensure gambling doesn’t get in the way of the games ahead.

Here’s how the three pillars work;

Talk: By speaking to one of GamCare’s trained advisers on the National Gambling Helpline (over the phone, live chat or on Whatsapp), gamblers and their loved ones can access expert information, advice and support.

Ban: Gamban’s software blocks access to thousands of global gambling sites and apps and is now being offered free to anyone contacting the Helpline.

Stop: GAMSTOP self-exclusion prevents access and creation of new gambling accounts with all online gambling operators across the UK, free of charge.

Platten talked openly about his experience in a short film along with ex pro footballer/pundit Paul Merson and Liverpool defender Gilly Flaherty.

If you’re struggling with the temptation to gamble this World Cup, TalkBanStop is here to help.

By putting in place multiple layers of protection – contacting GamCare, downloading Gamban for free and signing up to GAMSTOP – you can give yourself the best chance of avoiding gambling as the tournament progresses.

Go to and take your first steps to stopping now.