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31st Dec 2023

The reason footballers cut holes in their socks before matches

Callum Boyle

footballers holes in socks

No, it’s not just a fashion statement

Football players around the globe are hopping on a trend that involves them cutting holes in their socks.

While there’s been debate as to whether this has been done on purpose or if it’s quite simply down to wear and tear during the game, there’s actually method to the madness.

There’s several benefits to players making the holes in their socks but the biggest advantage is to protect muscles in the calf.

Due to their tight fit, the socks can apply heavy pressure to the muscles, especially when running and stretching, which restricts their movement.

This in turn can also affect the bloodflow and circulation through the legs which can cause major issues in the long-term.

The socks are cut to enable more breathability, increases their range of movement and avoid circulation problems that can lead to injuries such as cramp.

Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham and Kyle Walker are some of the players who have adopted this approach.

Once, former Valencia player Ezequiel Garay was told to change his socks mid-game after a referee deemed his holey socks to be in breach of the sporting dress code.

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