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22nd Aug 2022

Roy Keane creases up Jurgen Klopp with classic call-back remark

Patrick McCarry

He simply had to bring it up.

Even with Jurgen Klopp towering above him, Roy Keane was on his Old Trafford turf and made the bold call to remind the Liverpool boss about some recent history between them.

Klopp was out speaking with the Monday Night Football crew, ahead of Liverpool’s league clash with Manchester United. He explained the importance of the tie, his team’s stuttering start to the season, team selection calls and injury issues at the club. Most people watching were fixated on the German having almost a foot on Roy Keane, though.

Roy Keane cracks Jurgen Klopp up

As Jurgen Klopp helped the Sky gang preview a game that already looks must-win for both sides, Roy Keane had a banger of a comment lined up and ready to go.

To bring you up to speed, Klopp and Keane clashed when the Liverpool boss misheard some of the former Manchester United captain’s post-match analysis. The back-and-forth went thus:

“Did Mr Keane say it was a sloppy performance? Maybe he is speaking about another game. I’m not sure if I heard it right,” Klopp added. “Maybe it was about another game. It cannot be about this game.

“Sorry, but that’s an incredible description of this game. It was absolutely exceptional. Nothing was sloppy. Noting. It was, from the first second, dominant – a team in form.”

Keane stressed that Klopp had not heard him correctly, insisting the Liverpool manager needed to hear his comments in full. “I will watch it, 100 per cent,” Klopp promised.

Klopp was talking about Liverpool winning the Community Shield, then drawing their opening league games against Fulham and Crystal Palace – ‘two really good games and one bad game’. Keane jumped in with a classic that got Klopp guffawing:

“Would you think they have you been sloppy, a little bit sloppy, Jurgen?”

“I would love to say it was just because we were sloppy,” responded a smiling Klopp.

Keane and Klopp with a sweet appetiser before the meaty main course between the old rivals.

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