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29th May 2019

Rob Green goes full John Terry in Europa League final

Kyle Picknell

The lesson, as always: Really good idea to bring full kit, just in case you want to lift the trophy and piss everyone off

How many games has Rob Green played for Chelsea?

That’s a very good question, strange voice I can somehow hear reading this article.

He has played 0 games in total for Chelsea over the course of the 18/19 campaign. Including in the Europa League. The competition they were playing in the final of, and won.

When was the last game of football that Rob Green actually played in?

Another great, great, question. It came during the 17/18 season, when he was performing the ‘Robert Green third choice keeper role because he has some England caps’ at Leeds United and appeared in one (1!) League Cup game.

Did all that stop Robert Green, who again, hasn’t played a single game for Chelsea, and again, has made one appearance in the last two seasons of football, from lifting the Europa League on Wednesday night like his life depended on it?

No, no it did not. It did not stop him one fucking bit.

Please do take a look at this: a big, huge, enormous mood for any reserve/third-string goalkeepers out there.

I’m looking in your direction, Pinto. I’m looking straight at you.

Even so, fair play to him. Good to see John Terry’s legacy of ‘dress up in full kit and go absolutely mental celebrating, no matter your level of actual involvement’ live on at Chelsea.