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27th Nov 2018

Mourinho smashes water bottles to the ground after Fellaini rescues Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand certainly wasn't impressed in the BT Sport studio: "We've just scored a goal but we're talking about Mourinho's reaction."


“We’re all talking about Mourinho’s reaction.”

Manchester United went 276-minutes without scoring a goal at home in the Champions League. For some context, the Republic of Ireland have gone 264-minutes without a goal at home in a competitive match. That’s how bad it has been for Man United in recent months.

Jose Mourinho’s side played out a dour, insipid and ultimately pointless game of football with Young Boys on Tuesday night at Old Trafford.

Yes, they won it in the end and assured their passage into the knockout stages of the Champions League. But it was a struggle.

United had most of the possession and had a couple of efforts on goal in the Champions League tie.

But didn’t find a way past their limited opponents until Marouane Fellaini’s stoppage-time goal which sparked an extremely animated response from his manager.

Mourinho picked up a tray of water bottles and slammed them off the ground.

Rio Ferdinand certainly wasn’t impressed in the BT Sport studio alongside Gary Lineker and Paul Scholes. “We’ve just scored a goal but we’re talking about Mourinho’s reaction,” he complained. Love or hate him, it’s hard to ignore Jose…