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09th Nov 2023

Luis Diaz’s father freed by kidnappers

Callum Boyle

Diaz’s father had been kidnapped for two weeks

The father of Liverpool winger Luis Diaz has been freed after being held hostage for almost two weeks.

Luis Manuel Diaz was released by guerrillas from the National Liberation Army.

He had been abducted by armed men alongside his wife, Cilenis Marulanda, while driving in La Guajira.

Marulanda was rescued within hours of being abducted by police after roadblocks were set up.

Both of the 26-year-old’s parents were abducted by armed men on motorcycles petrol station in the town of Barrancas, which is located on Colombia’s border alongside Venezuela on October 28.

Diaz had pleaded with his father’s captors to release him after saying that he and his brothers were in a “desperate” situation.

Luis Manuel Diaz was taken in ‘Humanitarian Commission’ made up of the Catholic Church & the UN on Thursday afternoon.

Local media say Diaz Sr will now be taken to a nearby city for medical checks, with family already on their way to see him.

The 26-year-old had missed Liverpool’s win with Nottingham Forest but returned to score a last minute equaliser against Luton Town last weekend.

Upon scoring, the winger lifted his shirt to reveal a message that read: “libertad para papa” or “freedom for my father”.

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