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04th Aug 2015

Brutally pessimistic Leeds mascot abandons all hope for coming season (Video)

Nooruddean Choudry

Get this lad on Match of the Day.

While the nation’s more celebrated pundits pussyfoot around simple questions and pander to the fans, this kid was determined to tell it like it is.

Leeds United played Everton in a pre-season friendly on Saturday, and before the game pitch announcer Rich Williams had a chat with some of the lucky club mascots.

It was a nice touch to get the youngsters on the mic to address the whole ground, and you’d expect that they’d be full of exuberant optimism.

But you’d be wrong, because one young chap wasn’t about to mince his words.

When asked “Are Leeds going up this year?”, the world-weary sprite responded “Probably not, no”.

Cue a large roar of laughter from the Elland Road faithful, who seemed to appreciate the gallows humour.

Williams also saw the funny side of the unexpected reply, although he was far more hopeful/deluded…