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27th Jun 2016

Bewildered Ian Wright likens England’s humiliating defeat to Iceland to Space Jam

There aren't many other explanations...

Simon Lloyd

If we’re being realists, England were never going to win the Euros.

But that said, nobody envisaged them going out to Iceland, did they?

That’s Iceland – the country that as Gary Lineker quite rightly points out – has more volcanoes than professional footballers. And it wasn’t even on fucking penalties.

For Englishmen everywhere, trying to get their heads around what unfolded in Nice was incredibly difficult.

Although most of the blame will be placed at the feet of the now ex-England manager Roy Hodgson, there’s no doubting that England’s players were well off the pace against Iceland – especially in a painful second half.

Attempting to dissect the embarrassment in the south of France, Ian Wright offered up a bizarre comparison – likening the lacklustre second half performance to 1996 film, Space Jam.

If you’re not familiar with Space Jam (and therefore have no idea what the hell Ian Wright is banging on about) – let’s give you a brief plot summary.

A bunch of cartoon aliens agree to play a basketball team featuring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. In order to overcome Bugs and Jordan, the ‘Monstars’ set about stealing the talents of various 90s NBA stars.

As ridiculous as it seems, there’s not many other feasible explanations as to why an England side that won all 10 of their qualifiers should be so utterly crap when it really mattered against a team that had never reached a major footballing tournament before.