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29th Oct 2020

Barcelona presidential candidate says he wants Pep Guardiola to return to the club

Victor Font, a candidate to replace Josep Bartomeu as Barcelona president, has told Sky Sports he wants to bring Pep Guardiola back to the club

Reuben Pinder

Pep left Barcelona in 2012

Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font has told Sky Sports he wants to bring Pep Guardiola back to the club.

Under immense pressure to leave, Josep Bartomeu resigned as Barça president this week, to the relief of Barcelona fans around the world and many of the players in the squad.

Lionel Messi had described his leadership as “disastrous” and the club’s recruitment record since 2014 would back up his claim.

As the club now move into a new era, candidates to replace Bartomeu will make their case to the socios of the club in the hope of being elected, and pledging to bring back the manager who won two Champions League titles is a sure way to garner support.

Ronald Koeman was hired this summer after the departure of Quique Setién, but it’s unlikely there would be much resistance to the idea of replacing him with Pep Guardiola at the end of this season.

Guardiola is now in his fifth season at Manchester City Рthe longest amount of time he has ever spent at one club, having spent four years at Barcelona and three at Bayern Munich Рand is still yet to win the Champions League since leaving Bar̤a.

Should he fail to regain the Premier League title from Liverpool or win the illusive Champions League this season, it’s entirely possible the Catalan coach will decide to call it a day in England.

With few other options on the table for a manager of his pedigree, it’s likely he would take another sabbatical in this scenario, but a return to the Camp Nou would not be completely off the cards.

However, in the context of Font’s announcement that he wants Guardiola to come back to the club, it is an obvious example of trying to win votes by promising the most universally popular policy possible. Whether he can persuade Pep to come back is another question.