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29th Jun 2017

A private jet from Madrid lands in Manchester… you can probably guess the rest

Manchester United fans weren't getting carried away


Slow news day? Nah, not at all…

An aeroplane has landed at Manchester International Airport. And not just any aeroplane, either… a private jet-typed aeroplane.

‘No big deal’, you might think, but let us remind you, JOE reader, that it is summer time.  Because it is summer time, we simply wouldn’t be doing out jobs properly if we didn’t interpret everyday occurrences such as this as being something to do with a major transfer.

Thanks to the Manchester Evening News, we now know that this aircraft arrived from Madrid on Wednesday night. Look, we even have a poor quality image to help prove this.

Madrid is of course home to Real Madrid, the club at which Alvaro Morata currently earns a wage packet. However, this is expected to change in the days ahead, with Manchester United said to be closing in on a deal to make the Spanish international their new number nine… provided he doesn’t move to the moon instead.

With the MEN breaking the news of the private jet’s arrival on Mancunian tarmac, United’s transfer gossip-weary supporters – who have already had to suffer more than their fair share of Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo rumours this summer – were not getting too carried away.

Gaz made the obvious point…

Only for this ‘MEN Exclusive’ to pretty much prove him wrong…

In other words, there’s not much in the way of transfer news to report on today.