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13th Jul 2019

QUIZ: Name every club Peter Crouch played for during his career

Kyle Picknell

A quiz in honour of Crouchy

Peter Crouch announced his retirement from football on Friday and tributes quickly poured in for everyone’s favourite gangly, breadstick-limbed striker.

Like this one, from former Middlesbrough midfielder Marten De Roon.

In honour of Crouchy, and the rather unusual journeyman career he has had, we’re asking you to name all 13 of the stops along his nomadic career path.

The good news is that he has played for a couple of teams more than once.

The bad news is there is almost certainly a team or two on here you really can’t remember him turning out for.

Full marks and yes, yes I suppose you can do the robot dance in celebration. But only for a little while. James Corden fucking ruined it for everyone.