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16th Apr 2015

Whole town in shock after alligator eats beloved dog

The citizens of Mobile were left stunned


You can prepare for a lot of things while walking your dog in the park, but not this.

Seven-stone Mavis was being taken for a stroll by her owner in Arlington Park when an Alligator leapt out of the water and ate her.

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The incident sent shockwaves through the American town of Mobile, Alabama where it happened. Local broadcaster WPMI reports that one resident described the dog as being “like the Norm of Cheers”.

“Mavis was a lot like my dog,” said Nicole Lavirriere, “She knew how to pretty much open up our back door and come in like she wanted to.”

The town’s residents are worried that the gator could attack again – perhaps we should be grateful that the worst we encounter in the UK is a particularly angry flock of geese.